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The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

I have read 26 works of Sci-Fi/Fantasy in just over three months. I have whined about it. I have longed for… um… reality. I have read Twilight. But for all of my posturing, I am glad that I have had this experience. Because, you know what? SF/F books are books, too. Much like realism, many […]

you finally got me

We students of children’s literature are often called upon to consider what it means to be an adult reader of  books for children. The classic leading question we are often asked is whether or not we would be comfortable reading a picturebook in a bar. The answer we adults are supposed to give is, “Oh […]

thanksgiving weekend 2011

Done Ran a mile Prepared food Potato salad Brussels sprouts with bacon Pumpkin pie Tres Leches Cake Watched It’s Complicated while doing 4 loads of laundry Had a glass of wine at 4 p.m. Transported all said food from one apartment to another Gorged myself Recovered from food hangover/regular hangover Finished reading The Scorpio Races […]

miss michigan

This Thanksgiving, I am staying in the land of soda, while my family gathers without me in the land of pop. I miss you, Michigan! I will see you at Christmas! amazing art credit to Meg Walsh and the Wish You Were Here Michigan postcard project  

writing, recharged

I am thinking a lot about writing, lately. Maybe because it’s November. Maybe because I’m always thinking a lot about writing. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on a long, fiction project, but I am still writing. I write every day, actually. Emails. Entries. Papers. Paper journalling. This stuff counts, I think. And […]

picturebooks: rock on

next up…

Reporter: “So, Jessica. You’ve turned in your abstract and annotated bib for your final paper, and your website is in for peer review. You don’t have anything due until after Thanksgiving. Tell me: what will you do next?” Me: “Play Yarn Kirby. And maybe… read a book?”  

Reading Wishlist – November 2011

You guys, I am six books away from reading freedom. READING! FREEDOM! I may have celebrated this realization by going a little crazy with my library holds. Apparently there’s this wide, wild world of 2011 Young Adult Book Releases (or YA-ish) that I have been kept from… and apparently, I want to read them all? […]


I have been caught up trying to do a mass amount of reading for class this week. Sabriel, why are you such a long book? I didn’t know anything about necromancy until reading this book, and I am not sure that I am glad to now have such extensive knowledge on the topic. Listen to […]