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september 2011 – reading wishlist

You know what they say: the grass is always greener inside the book you aren’t reading!

In my case, this is true. The most recent grass on my side of the fence? A hopelessly HOPELESSLY sexist Heinlein novel written in 1964 that went FIFTEEN YEARS without being checked out from the library.

June 6 1995 – Oct 20 2010

I am lusting for greener book covers.

1. Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen – I was starting to really enjoy my little summer Dessen-a-thon, and my little row of her newer, hardback books keep catching my eye in my bedroom. I haven’t re-read this one since I was in high school! What if it’s more amazing than I remember! The world may never know… because I am too busy reading science fiction and fantasy.

2. This Book is Overdue by Marilyn Johnson – A friend of mine bought this for me for my birthday in March, and I keep forgetting to pick it up and read it. I am ashamed, and it looks like it might perk me up a bit.

3. Pearl by Jo Knowles – I saw her speak about being a working writer at the children’s lit conference and there is just something so honest about the way she describes her books that they get stuck in my head. Plus, I think I read once that she started writing this one while working in the office one door down from where I work! Crazy!

4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs – This one is receiving buzz and good reviews… and my friend and co-blogger Lindsey suggested I join her friend and writer Tracey for an online YA book club! I thought it sounded fun and even forked over some of my hard-earned cash to purchase a hardback (which I NEVER do, people), but I am pretty sure I am not going to finish in time. Ah, well. I will perhaps post about what I can, but no, I will not have time to actually finish this one.

5. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bordain – ANOTHER friend of mind bought this for me for CHRISTMAS… I think you know where this is heading. I REALLY want to read this one – from reading one chapter, I can tell it’s one of those books that I won’t want to put down – but ALAS, Alack, etc

6. Beneath a Meth Moon by Jacqueline Woodson – New Jacqueline Woodson… who personally bestowed an Advanced Reading Copy upon my roommate. I feel itchy knowing it’s sitting in her bedroom, but that I can’t read it!

7. Slow Love by Dominique Browning – Janssen gave it a great review. Need I say more?

8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling – Would y’all Judgy McJudgersons keep your mouth shut right now? Thanks.

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