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this is what happened during Irene

1. We cleaned our apartment pretty much top to bottom. And rearranged the bedroom. 2. We did grocery shopping early and bought non-perishable, stove-free dinners (read: farmer’s market tomatoes + basil on a french baguette with mayo) and bottled water. 3. I stayed up too late drinking a Hurricane or two. 4. The next morning, […]

it’s a disaster

So, on Tuesday, I felt my first earthquake. I’m sure you heard all about it, and even my family in Michigan felt it, so yeah, not the biggest deal. I was by myself in my 3rd floor office, so I thought I was having some kind of anxiety-related dizziness/hallucination or something, but the Internet quickly […]

june 2011 – reading round-up

June… Came in like a lion, went out like… Harry Potter. This is woefully overdue. I hope I remember any single thing about any of these books. Please don’t fault me for fudging weird details. 1. The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert This was one of my “trapped on a plane” books! But what […]

generation gap

I like Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong. But unlike many folks I’ve met, I did not grow up waiting for the day that I would wake up and have an owl to deliver my Hogwarts letter. I was born a few years too early, I guess Me? I am still waiting for the day […]

the other side

48 hours of class, 6 papers, 123455334 Library of Congress classifications, nine novels and four straight days of conferences later… it appears that July did not quite kill me. However, I am feeling adrift. This is not unfamiliar. This happened in May. A break from school leaves me with both mental and actual free time. […]