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the end of the tunnel

Greetings from July 28th. I am in the Tech Lab. I am writing a paper. I have a class in an hour, then a barbecue, then I have to give a (very) brief public address to 100ish conference-goers. Come back to school tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday for other conference-related-doings. Somehow finish this paper (when?) […]

so about that movie…

Um. I didn’t see it yet. I HAVE LOST ALL GENX/Y CHILDREN’S LIT STREET CRED! Okay. Well. I WANTED to see it. Some of my more-credentialed-children’s-lit friends went to a midnight showing… but it was like 7 hours away and it was confusing and I didn’t know when Lance was getting back from New York […]

ten things to know about my life right now

1. My iTunes requires two playlists, entitled “A cappella Favorites” and “A cappella Second Favorites.” 2. I am eating a farmshare by myself this week, so I have to eat entire vegetables in one sitting to make any sort of progress. “What should I bring for lunch? Well, I ate the last cucumber yesterday. How […]


Things I Like 1. Comic adaptations of novels I still (despite grad school) love. 2. Re-reading the Harry Potter books and then watching each movie as I finish a book. I’m on number three! That is quite a movie poster… nice face/nice hair/nice creepy stair, Rupert Grint/Emma Watson/Daniel Radcliffe 3. Fancy drinks. I made this […]