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March 2011 Reading Round-up

Even though I have a week off for Spring Break, March is usually a fairly light reading month for me. Maybe because a week off from school means a week off from my syllabus? But heck, who am I kidding, I am having trouble even attending to my obligatory 2-novels-a-week quota. Ah, well. Some months […]

socially networked

Talking about teens and technology in a room full of library students is a trip. Most of my classmates are in their mid-twenties, with a bit of distribution higher or lower, which means most of us have used computers since elementary school, the Internet since middle school, Facebook since college, et cetera. We are pretty […]

twenty-something success

The hardest part about being in my twenties is trying to figure out if I’m doing things right. I mean, it’s pretty clear when I’m doing things wrong. Usually, failing-at-life is accompanied by some kind of daily dread, a feeling of imbalance, self-doubt, stress, and other objective measures of things-are-just-not-right. See: last semester. But it […]


I think I feel less old than I didlast year on this particular date. Maybe because I’m, god help me, busy. When you are busy, you don’t have time to sit around and think about how when your mother was your own age, she had a one-year-old baby named Jessica. When you are busy, you […]

a trivial pursuit

Back in late August, before the semester started its steamroll over my weekly schedule, my boyfriend, myself, and our friend Geoff decided to spend a Sunday night playing pub trivia at a random bar. We came in second place. We were excited, but I wasn’t surprised. I have a good memory for facts. I read […]

pleasure reading

Grad school has been sucking away at my will to read. Okay, that’s not entirely true. Actually, grad school makes me want to read 40 hours a week; there are SO MANY books that I haven’t read that I simply need to, and SO MANY books coming out, every day, to keep up with. But […]

Whose foods?

So a few months ago, the news broke that the quirky Hispanic grocery store in my neighborhood was closing, and a Whole Foods was moving on in. This announcement created quite a stir in the community and in Boston in general. Google “Whole Foods” and “Jamaica Plain,” and check out the maelstrom of articles on […]

February 2011 Reading Round-up

All-syllabus, all the time. At least I’m getting more reading done than I was last year at this time, what with The Semester of the Picturebook weighing me down. And I’m actually caught up with my reading to the point that I *gasp* picked up a JUST FOR FUN book yesterday! And I might have […]