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internet schminternet

I love the internet, but I’m pretty sure it’s bad for me. You see, for every enlightened person who can manipulate the internet to make their life AMAZING, there is a person who gets sucked IN and can’t ever get out and I think that person is me. It’s not just the TimeSuck factor, though. […]

how to run if you’re not a runner

This is my little sister Dorothy. She is a runner! I am not a runner, I have never BEEN a runner, and I actually hate the physical act. It hurts. I can’t breathe. I can’t run for any significant distance, despite other indicators of my physical fitness. I would much rather chug away for an […]

past presents

Dear Betsy, What were you doing to that tree back there? I am serious. This picture bothers me. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! Your beloved sister, Jessica ~ Dear Smaller Me, I’m sorry your gymnastic dreams were crushed. Shortly after this picture was taken you grew. A lot. And also became quite uncoordinated. And never again […]

keep your lamps

I’m starting to miss Regular Life. Life without schoolwork. Life without homework. Life without reading lists and syllabi and part-time jobs. I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone who’s met me in the past year, but this whole Moving Across the Country Away From My Friends And Family, Living With A Boyfriend For The […]

the busy day

Thursdays = 6:45 a.m. Up early enough to cook up a bowl of steel-cut oats. This takes about 6 times as long as breakfast preparation should, but informal experiments indicate that steel cut oats ACTUALLY fill me up, as opposed to the following other supposedly filling breakfast foods: – fried eggs – egg + cheese […]

thoughts on a semester

This semester is quietly sucking out my insides… just like every other semester of my life. It may be time to face a bitter, bitter truth: I love school, but school does not love me. I certainly get off on Going to Class, Taking Notes, Learning, Academic Conversing, Gathering of Questionably Great Ideas, and Canoodling […]

lifetime wish #522

I want to be Sybil Stone. Only without the whole cancer bit, if avoidable.

it’s not you, it’s me. so very, very me.

I have had friends, in my life. But I mostly can’t handle it. This picture was taken on my 21st birthday. I assumed I would go to a bar with Lance, maybe a roommate, and have a drink. Somewhere between Sunday afternoon and Sunday night, I had my boyfriend, my roommates, and a good portion […]


Here is what happens when you are sick: You shower before 6:30 a.m. and drive to Lowell so you can spend all day waiting for your boyfriend’s car to be repaired. That’s what you shouldn’t do when you are sick, but life makes you do thing you shouldn’t do all the time. Also, we did […]

on picturebooks and impatience

I posted these two articles to my Facebook wall this morning, before 8 a.m. I don’t like being all over Facebook like that, especially before most people I am friends with are awake, but I did it anyway. I’m weird. Get over it. First, a video: This is a little talk from David Foster Wallace, […]