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the slippery slope of the caffeine addict

First, you are letting yourself have a second can of Diet Coke on some afternoons, to stave off or recover from a nap. Then, you are feeling like you might die at 10:00 a.m., or like you might kill something… and you realize that you’d put off your Diet Coke, and once you have it, […]


Last semester was such a mess, it’s not surprising that I’m feeling comparatively chipper lately. But I’m still not sure why. Still working 30 hours a week. Still taking 2 classes. Still sticking to the same routines. Maybe it’s because I’m finally feeling social and mobile, dancing around Boston, visiting friends, spending too much money, […]

last night i sang

I wanted to keep him. I wanted him to stay forever. How can you live when you don’t know how to sing? Benjamin Alire Sáenz | Last Night I Sang to the Monster ~ Thanks to Jules for enabling the advancement and development of Blog Nerdiness. Not that I really needed encouragement.

let’s remember how to write a paper

Dear Grad Student, You have two choices. First choice: Sit on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, letting the Internet fill up your head because as soon as there is a half-second of room inside, you remember how much you suck, how much you hate school, how much you would rather throw yourself from a […]