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moving house

Things I Have Learned While Moving 1. Don’t move. 2. You REALLY don’t want to move in Boston. 3. You really REALLY don’t want to move in Boston on September 1st. 4. Your current apartment will want you out of your place on August 31st, so they can clean. Your new apartment will not let […]


In addition… 19. Being homeless for 5 hours means your favorite animal is homeless as well. Options include hunting for a cat babysitter (who doesn’t OWN a cat because your cat is mean and antisocial), leaving your cat in an potentially overheated car, or buying a cat leash and taking her to the park all […]

what a peach

My animal did not particularly enjoy her trip back to her birth state. On the drive from Boston to Jackson, Peach sat in the backseat, curled up fairly compactly, and refused to move or eat or drink or use her litter box for the entirety of the 14 hour trip. And when we carried her […]

gloom ‘n’ shroom

Everyone kept asking me “When are you leaving?” I would say “tomorrow,” but they would ask “what time?” And then I would make a grumpy noise and left the room because there’s nothing more debilitating that thinking about waking up before the sun, just so you can drive for 15 hours to get back to […]

highway in the sky

I live in one of the most walkable cities in the US, a city that also boasts a slightly unreliable but mostly efficient public transportation system, and I miss my car. A lot. I am that spoiled. What’s worse is that I’ve never been a big driving person to begin with. I delayed getting my […]

mind mayhem

Yesterday was the last day of my internship. My last unpaid assignment: write up the flap copy for a book of Egyptian Myths. That is code for “Summarize Egyptian History in about 150 words.” Fun! But the editors also took me out to lunch, and on my way out the door, handed me a Judy […]

rockland harbor

Michigan is a gorgeous state, with Great Lakes, small lakes, sand dunes, islands, forests, and other beauties of nature. However, the only landscapes I regularly gazed upon were those alongside Interstates 94, 127, and 69. It’s a shame, because for some reason, living in New England inspires guests and locals to seek out similar natural […]


So my blogging friend Ashley is doing this video blog thing for the month of August. Fun stuff. I watched her latest vlog while I ate my lunch just now – the theme? Things I Am Bad At – and I found myself wanting to leave all these sympathetic comments (“Oh, jeez, even people who […]

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I read this very popular memoir a few weeks ago with mixed reactions. First, there is the inevitable “You are so blessed, why in the world are you telling me what to do with my life? Don’t you have a nanny to fire or something?” Of course, her writing style is humble and she acknowledges […]