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goodbye, goodbye

Moving is eminent. In 24 hours, we will be carrying our belongings down three flights of stairs and awaiting our movers. Still feeling no big deal about it, but last night I got hungry and started having some thoughts. My first thought: “Man, we are moving in a day and have no food in the […]

on the move

It is true, I am back in the states. I have things to tell you of my journey, my first trip across any ocean, but first: I am moving. Whose great idea was it to Get Married on the 13th, travel to Europe until the 26th, then move on the 1st. Oh, wait, I’m Moving […]

reading in roma

Hello there! I am now a married lady. So that is a thing. More on that when I admit that it happened and it wasn’t just a crazy, hazy dream. I am also on vacation, which is a thing I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Our little jaunt to Chicago felt a bit like […]

i am getting married

See y’all when I am a Mrs.!

second quarter stars

The second quarter of 2013 has come to an end. Half over. Or, if you are optimistic, still six good months to come! I can’t tell you which side I am on because I AM GETTING MARRIED IN SEVEN DAYS. I CANNOT EVEN FORM A COHERENT THOUGHT MUCH LESS A SENTENCE. I am also having […]