Month: July 2013

31 Jul 2013

goodbye, goodbye

Moving is eminent. In 24 hours, we will be carrying our belongings down three flights of stairs and awaiting our movers. Still feeling no big deal about it, but last night I got hungry and started having some thoughts.

My first thought: “Man, we are moving in a day and have no food in the house. What am I going to eat for dinner?”

My second thought: “Man! We are moving in a day! And that means this is our last chance to get our favorite Thai/Vietnamese take-out!”

An hour later, I was walking down the street with my Spicy Basil Fried Rice with Duck Tofu and Khmer rolls, headed home to eat and pack.

But then I passed by my favorite burger joint and started having more thoughts:

“Wait a second… when am I going to have my one last Grass Fed burger?”

“Are there even any days left??”

“How in the world am I going to do a Whole30 ever again without Grass Fed burgers???”

“Why am I moving????”


Boston is a city of neighborhoods, and I’d forgotten just how much I loved mine. We moved to JP four years ago and never wanted to live anywhere else. We are close to public transit. We are close to bars and restaurants. We are close to a big, beautiful park with running paths. JP is full of kids and dogs and hipsters on bikes. It’s a beautiful place to live. This is a very reluctant goodbye.

However, I am finding that saying goodbye to my apartment is so, so very easy. And therein lies the rub: we can’t afford a nice place in JP. Or, more accurately, we are unwilling to sacrifice our budgetary priorities in order to pay for a nice place in JP. We’ve been living in a spacious but overpriced shit-hole for a year.

Goodbye, crooked kitchen floors that slams my refrigerator door shut with unnecessary force.

Goodbye, grungy carpet that fills up our vacuum with filth Every. Single. Time. We. Vacuum.

Goodbye, shower that is too short for tall folks and sprays water all over the floor and onto the walls of bathroom to disgusting, mildewy results.


Goodbye, people who live in the house right behind ours who have recently bought a table specifically designed to play dominos on and parked it at the end of the driveway (right below my bedroom window) and now play exclusively between the hours of 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Goodbye, dozens of extension cords snaking all over every room in order to plug in those extraneous electronic accessories like “lamps.”

Goodbye, pushing our laundry to the laundromat in a metal cart.

Goodbye, landlord/slumlord who neglected to take care of a 100 year old, completely dead tree on his property and instead waited for it to FALL INTO THE STREET and ON TOP OF ONE OF HIS TENANTS’ CARS.

Goodbye, gang wars and gun shots and living somewhere where your friends are a little freaked to come over because they are worried that their new Vespa might get stolen off the street. Because last time they came over, their new Vespa got STOLEN OFF THE STREET.


Goodbye, you crazy JP apartment. You will remain in horrible, hilarious memory for the rest of our lives. We are onto greener pastures. Greener pastures with a dishwasher.



28 Jul 2013

on the move

It is true, I am back in the states. I have things to tell you of my journey, my first trip across any ocean, but first: I am moving. Whose great idea was it to Get Married on the 13th, travel to Europe until the 26th, then move on the 1st. Oh, wait, I’m Moving in Boston, which means it was no one’s great idea. It was just the way things had to be to get a halfway decent apartment. That will probably still be an overpriced, semi-crappy apartment. C’est la vie.

No worries. We are seasoned pros. I’ve moved my belongings halfway across the country in the back of a pick-up. I’ve moved an apartment in a U-Haul up the DAMN street and survived an overheating cat and This Guy I Married running into a parked car, on said street, with said U-Haul. I moved down the street and around the corner and dragged all of my furniture up three flights of stairs after midnight. This move doesn’t even feel particularly stressful. We did a very good job of packing a lot before we left to be wed. We know how and when to call Comcast/NStar/National Grid. That Guy I Married is a teacher, so he doesn’t have the burden of full-time work for the next few days. Also, we hired movers, so That Guy I Married won’t be driving any vehicles into any other objects.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. Vacation: rad, but um… I am excited to go back. To see everything as I left it on my desk and tackle a pile of work.

On Thursday, we will wake up in one apartment and go to sleep in another. No big deal. No big deal!!

Please remind me of this nonchalance when I am crying on Thursday night and must go to work on Friday morning.

17 Jul 2013

reading in roma

Hello there!

I am now a married lady. So that is a thing. More on that when I admit that it happened and it wasn’t just a crazy, hazy dream.

I am also on vacation, which is a thing I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Our little jaunt to Chicago felt a bit like a vacay, but technically I was there on business. Vacation, I think is, is a time when you do not have to go to work for a predetermined period of time and your only job is to engage in leisure pursuits. Bonus points if you are getting paid via “vacation hours.” It doesn’t quite count if you are going home to Michigan to stay with your family, especially if you have to plan a wedding while you are there.

My life has been void of such an experience for a number of years, so… yes, vacation.

But did I also mention that I haven’t been able to read for a few weeks now? It’s been bad, friends. All this talk of plane reading, ALA ARCs, summer reading lists? All for naught. This Summer of Nonsense has rolled me over and my attention span is the primary casualty. I couldn’t follow podcasts or audiobooks or watch movies. I couldn’t read anything that isn’t Clash of Kings on my iPhone.

It’s too soon to tell if I am completely cured, but I am on vacation, you guys. And my hotel has a roof terrace. So this is what I am up to.

This particular beautifully illustrated galley is Susann Cokal’s The Kingdom of Little Wounds, which, twenty pages in is just as dark and Game-of-Thronesy as I’d hoped it would be. But really, I wish I had brought a hundred books about Rome. This city is ridiculous, and I just want to know e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. about it.

And now, back to the honeymoon.




04 Jul 2013

second quarter stars

The second quarter of 2013 has come to an end. Half over. Or, if you are optimistic, still six good months to come! I can’t tell you which side I am on because I AM GETTING MARRIED IN SEVEN DAYS. I CANNOT EVEN FORM A COHERENT THOUGHT MUCH LESS A SENTENCE. I am also having trouble focusing on reading. Or packing. Or cleaning. Or anything.

I am assuming that once this is all over, I will regain control of my mental facilities and be ready to read another 50+ books. Fifty books! That’s so many! I could read fifty more FIVE STAR AWESOME books. I could re-read my favorites for six straight months! I could read only new releases, only award winners, or just read whatever I happen to want to read on any given day! I could just read the entire Songs of Fire and Ice series! (Let’s be honest, that is probably what I will do)

I’m sure some people feel this way about new recipes or restaurants, movies, vacations, video games. But there is just something special about being a reader, isn’t there? You get to have your life, the same everyday living that everyone gets, but then you have another life. A reading life. All yours to choose, story after story after story.


Here are the books I read in April, May, and June.



Five star books rock my world, enter my personal canon, change my life. Likely re-reads for the duration of my existence. Flash bang. Excitement. Yay. Rah.




Four star books are definitely excellent. Above Average. These are the books I will recommend to others without hesitation.

Three Stars


Three star books are alright. Good. Middle of the road. Nothing special, but nothing worth throwing the book against the window either.

Two stars


Two star books have issues. Writing or content. Books that make me roll my eyes and sad for the state of literature

one star


One star books make me say “HOW DID THIS BOOK COME TO BE?? WHY, GOD, WHY??”